Port Info

Navigational Channel
Length: 10000 mtrs
Width: 160 mtrs
Depth: 14.5 mtrs
Turning Circle: 350 mtrs
Island Breakwater:1050 mtrs
Channel Buoys (Solar Powered): 16
Transit lights (Solar Powered): 2 nos
Beacon Lights: 2 nos
Main Jetty has six berths & one OSV berth
Total length of quay (six berths): 1510 mtrs
Total width of quay: 25 mtrs
Length of OSV berth: 58 mtrs
Width of OSV berth: 25 mtrs
Permissible vessel dimensions at Main Jetty:
Max LOA permissible: 230 mtrs
Max Beam permissible: 32.40 mtrs
Max permissible draught: 14 mtrs (on high tide)
Two Finger Jetties: a) 4 x 90 mtrs
with berthing faces: b) 2 x 40 mtrs
Permissible dimensions:
LOA permissible: 90 mtrs
Beam permissible: No restriction
Permissible draught: 8.5 mtrs
III) NRW Extension
Multi-purpose berth: 635 mtrs (North)/150 mtrs (South)
Permissible dimensions:
LOA: 170 mtrs
Draft: 10 mtrs