Tariff >> Schedule III – Berth Hire

A.Berth Hire Charges For Vessels
(a) All Foreign going / Coastal vessels Per GRT Per day of 24 hrs subject to a
a) Upto 30,000 GT – USD 0.213/GT
b) Above 30,000 GT – USD 0.223/GT

Minimum charge of USD 604/- per vessel per day.


1) A minimum charge for 24 hrs for all vessels stay alongside berths, is applicable as per the above rates. For stay beyond 24 hrs, every eight hours or part thereof is counted as a shift and charged at the rate of one third to that of charges as applicable and stated above as a shift charge.

2) Where a vessel is allotted a berth on priority / special basis, time to stay alongside berth shall be stipulated by KSPL. All such vessels are required to pay priority berth hire charges, which are double to that of the normal berth hire charges or as decided by the KSPL from time to time.

a) In case of ousting priority granted to any vessel (by way of any special arrangement or as decided by KSPL), the berth hire charges are four times to that of normal berth hire charges.

b) All shifting charges of the disturbed vessel shall be to the account of the vessel, which is given Ousting priority. These premium service vessel related charges override all long term/special Contracts/ arrangements entered/to be entered with KSPL, unless specified particularly in their Agreements.

3) KSPL shall stipulate a specified period (fixed) for every vessel for cargo handling or operations alongside the berth based on performance norms annexed to this tariff. Any overstay beyond the specified period without valid reason to the satisfaction of KSPL, is charged overstay berth hire charge at two times to that of normal berth hire charge as applicable for the period of overstay.

4) For Tankers Berthing, Loading/Discharging and Un-Berthing at KDWP within a period of stay less than 24 hours are not to be charged any Overstay berth Hire charges. The Item -3 above shall be applied only in case of stay beyond 24 hours at Berth.

5) Vessel which continues to occupy the berth in the port for more than two hours after completion of cargo operations without permission of KSPL, is liable to be charged an additional berth hire charges at the rate of USD 840/- per hour or part thereof.

6) Ships carrying Naphtha are chargeable double berth hire.

7) Day shall be reckoned as twenty-four hours from the time mooring at a berth is completed. The official berthing and sailing time shall be confirmed by KSPL. No import / export cargo is permitted for handling at “ROADS” while the ship is allotted a berth in KDWP except in special circumstances with prior permission from KSPL.

8) During course of cargo operations in the KDWP in respect of export/import cargoes, the Importers/Exporters (Receivers/Shippers) or their agents as the case may be, shall ensure that no cargo falls into the navigational waters, failing which the penalty as levied by KSPL based on port norms & circular issued from time to time will have to be borne by the respective handling agents of importers &/or exporters.

9) While vessel carrying Ammonia cargo is at berth, charges for standby pilot are charged from berthing till un-berthing at USD 882/- for 24 hours.

10) For vegetable oil / POL Barge calling at KDWP, a channel fee of ₹ 25,725/- per call is chargeable.

11) A permissible vessel LOA is upto 295 meters & Beam of 45 Meters, Subject to relevant Port Circular on Berth norms permitted from time to time.


a) Shifting berth to berth:

1. All vessels:
a) Without Tug(s) &without Pilot : USD 561/-
b) Without Tug(s) & with Pilot : USD 1,897/-
c) With Tug(s) & With Pilot :
i) With Vsl upto 10,000 GRT : USD 3,447/-
ii) With Vsl above 10,000GRT: USD 5,307/-

b) Shifting berth to anchorage or vice versa (one movement):

1. Vessels are charged at 50% rates as applicable under Schedule-II –A- i, under chapter “Pilotage”.


1) No charges shall be levied for shifting a vessel for the convenience of the port, within KDWP.

2) Shifting of the vessel includes mooring, un-mooring with the use of one or two tugs subject to levy of tug hire charges in case additional tugs usage at the discretion of KSPL is charged as per Schedule-V.

3) In all case of doubts as to whether the charges as mentioned above are leviable or not, or classification of the above description, the decision of KSPL is final.