Tariff >> Schedule IX – Railway Charges


1. All rail users of KSPL are charged
a) @ ₹ 2,260/- per 8 wheeler wagon for BUlk/Bagged/General cargoes operating from hard surface sidings at KSLK.
b) @ ₹ 2,580/- per 8 wheeler wagon for BUlk/Bagged/General cargoes operating from Concrete siding at North of Spur-2 of KSLK, Except Bagged Fertiliser & Rice Grain cargoes.

2. The In-motion weighbridge operation is governed by prevailing railway norms/circulars for Weighment, weight adjustment, Re-Weighment, demurrage charges, shunting engine charges, detentions etc…and costs associated are to be borne by railway users (co-users).

3. The users are to make suitable arrangements to unloading/loading the wagons within the free time allowed by Railways. Over and above the free time, demurrage charges for detention are payable as per the Railway Rules.

4. The users wishing to utilize the siding will have to give volumes commitment letter along with interest free deposit of ₹ 10.00Lakhs as security deposit for the duration of the commitment offered by the party before filing ‘co-user’ application with Port & Railways.

5. KSPL reserves the right to adjust all or any dues from the security deposit of the user concerned.

6. KSPL will act on behalf of Railways to the extent authorized by the railways and enforce all the prevailing rules, regulations and procedures of the Indian Railways.