(a)Registration fee for stevedoring-Rs.12,600/-, Valid for 4 years with security deposit of Rs.18,500/- and thereafter fee of Rs.3,150/- for renewal for a period of 4 years in the KDWP.

(b) Registration fee for undertaking steamer Agency – Rs.12,600/- for a period of 4 years with a security deposit of Rs.18,500/-and thereafter fee for renewal Fee of Rs.3,150/- and valid for 4 years.

(c) Registration fee for undertaking clearing/forwarding works is of Rs.12,600/- Period of 4 years with a security deposit of Rs.18,500/-and thereafter fee of Rs.3,150/-for renewal and valid for a period of 4 years.

(d) Registration fee for

i) Ship Chandlers, Ship repairing/chipping and painting, Surveyors & other services Rs.12,600/- Period of 3 years and thereafter fee for Rs.12,600/-for renewal for a period of 4 Years. For the category of ‘Ship repairing/chipping and painting’ can be issued only after Complying with the criteria mentioned below under Item –ii.

ii) Firms intending to carryout ‘Ship repairing/Chipping and Painting’ works needs to obtain a ‘Registration certificate’ from M/S. Sembmarine Kakinada Ltd considering their nature of work if involved/overlapping with the upcoming ship repair/shipyard activities at KDWP. In case the said firm’s nature of work is different and does not overlap/involve with the work scope of M/S. Sembmarine Kakinada Ltd then they can obtain a “No Objection Certificate” from M/S. Sembmarine Kakinada Ltd. Firm to submit the said certificate to KSPL for registration.


(a) The firms or Individuals wish to have any two of (a), (b) and (c) as above a consolidated security deposit of Rs.42,000/- is required to be made while there is no change in respect of other in the fees. The firms/individuals wish to have all the three licenses viz :(a), (b) and (c) as mentioned above, Rs.52,500/- is required to be paid as a security deposit while there is no change in respect of other fees.

(B) FEES FOR ENTRY VEHICLES INTO KDWP (issued at Security gate):-

1. Light Motor vehicles like cars used by the -Passes issued at security gate free of
Port users and not hired Vehicles for charge on daily basis.
Temp. use by the users.

2.Hired vehicles like Taxies, Tourist cabs etc -Rs. 35 /-Per vehicle/day.

3. Vehicles for carrying cargo as of Trailers, Lorries, Dumpers etc..
a) Granite Trailers Less than 40` length – Rs. 80.00/- per Vehicle/day.
b) Granite Trailers Above 40’ length – Rs.105.00/- per Vehicle/day
c) Trailers other than Granite Cargo – Rs. 55.00/- per Vehicle/day
d) Lorries, Dumpers etc. – Rs. 55.00/- per Vehicle/day

4. For Fork lifts, Cranes, Pay loaders & any other – Rs. 55.00/-Per vehicle/day.
kind of earth moving & Cargo handling Equipment

5. Temporary pass for driver of the vehicle – Rs.10.00/- Per day.

6. Multi Axles Hydraulic Trailers for ODC cargo – Rs.550/- Per vehicle/day

7. Auto Rickshaw. Carts, etc. – Rs. 5.00/- per day.

NOTE: – 1) Day means in the above context, from midnight to midnight only. Vehicles used by the employees of KSPL are given free passes.
2) Charges are inclusive of all taxes.

a) Entry Passes
1) Individuals:-

a. Per Person /Day : Rs. 10.00
b. Per person/week : Rs. 70.00
c. Per Person/30 days. : Rs. 300.00
d. Issue of I.D. Passes/Person : Rs. 1000.00 (valid for two year)

Note: Charges are inclusive of all taxes.

b) Photography

1) Photography permission charges …… Rs. 700/-per day
2) Videography permission charges…….. Rs. 4,000/ per day


Charges for using the weigh bridge For consolidated billing cargoes Unit rate of Rs.3.50 / Mt
As per Bill chargeable
For smaller vehicles Flat rate of Rs.40.00 To be paid at the KDWP gate
For Tractor/trailer Flat rate of Rs.45.00 To be paid at the KDWP gate

NOTE: 1) Charges are inclusive of all taxes.
2) Customer has option to make weighment charges in advance at
a) Main Gate b) Operations Dept. c) Accounts Dept.
3) For those customer who intend to avail monthly billing procedure need to submit Weighment charges in advance to accounts dept. and copy of receipt to be submitted at operations dept. for availing services.


1 Ammonia 10,080 420
2 Alumina by Conveyor-1S/U 5,000 208
3 Alumina bagging under Hopper 1,800 75
4 Bentonite, Ball clay 3000 125
5 Bentonite in Bags/Jumbo bags 1,800 75
6 Bauxite 10,000 417
7 Cement Clinker 7000 292
8 Coal 12000 500
9 Chemicals –in Pipe line 7200 300
10 CP Coke bagging under Hopper 1800 75
11 Diesel 12000 500
12 Edible oil- In pipe line 4800 200
13 Edible oil -In trucks 1800 75
14 Feldspar, Dolomite, Laterite, Stone Aggregate 3000 125
15 Furnace oil 10800 450
16 Granites 4000 166
17 Gypsum 5000 208
18 Iron ore Cargo 40,000 Mts & more 20000 834
Cargo less than 40,000 Mts 15000 625
19 Industrial salt 8000 334
20 Lime stone 5000 208
21 Molasses By Pipe line 3600 150
By Trucks 1800 75
22 Methanol, Toluene 7200 300
23 Manganese Ore 4000 166
24 Magnesite 4000 166
25 Naphtha 8400 350
26 Fertilizers other than Urea 8000 334
27 Phosphoric Acid 15600 650
28 Pig Iron/Iron Ore 10000 417
29 Soda Ash bagging under Hopper 1800 75
30 Sugar (Bagged) 1800 75
31 Raw Sugar (Bulk) 6000 250
32 Rockphosphate 8000 334
33 Steel Coils / Slabs 1500 62.5
34 Sulphuric Acid 10800 450
35 Sunflower pellets 5,000 208
36 Urea 6000 250
37 Wood Pulp 2000 83
38 Wood Chips 3500 146
39 Wood Logs 2000 84
40 Yellow Peas 5,000 208

Note: Performance time to commence 2 hours after berthing of vessel.

The decision of KSPL in the matter of applicability of the appropriate tariff for the services rendered shall be final and binding on both the parties and shall not be called in question by the vessel owner / cargo owner or charter.
No vessel shall be allowed to sail without clearing off the dues of KSPL in accordance with the invoices raised from time to time and without obtaining the ‘No Objection’ Certificate for sailing from KSPL.
KSPL shall have the lien over the cargo and also the vessel for unpaid charges in accordance with the tariff published as above.
The tariff may be revised from to time and the revised tariff shall be applicable and overrides the earlier tariff. The vessel owners are advised to check with KSPL for the latest tariff in force before opting to use the services of KSPL.
In case of dispute between the parties, the same shall be referred for Arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and will be adjudicated by a sole arbitrator. The Sole Arbitrator shall be appointed by the Managing Director of KSPL and the other party consents to such appointment and further waives right to challenge the appointment procedure contemplated hereunder.
The seat of Arbitration shall be at Hyderabad, where the registered office of KSPL is situated and the Civil Courts in Hyderabad / Kakinada alone shall have jurisdiction to entertain applications under Sections 9 and 34 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.
The Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh shall have the admiralty jurisdiction with respect to common law rights of the vessels calling on port at Kakinada.