Port Reception Facility Details

1. Category of waste for which collection facilities are available.
Annex-I, II, IV & Annex-V & VI Category
2. Details of the single point contact person for disposal of above waste.
Shaik Kasim AGM HSE #9866556709
3. Port Reception Facility available 24×7.
4. Charges for each category of waste.
Rs.7500/- per 01MT of Annex-I waste and part thereof, Rs.11,500/- for minimum of 05MT Annex-IV waste and part thereof and Rs.19,500/- per 05MT of Annex-V waste and part thereof, and it is mandatory to dispose garbage at KDWP. The Annex II & VI category charges will be case to case basis.
5. Feedback and complaint mechanism.
Can be mailed to hse@kakinadaseaports.in with a copy to capt@kakinadaseaports.in

Waste Disposal Authorized Agencies
S.No Name of the Agency Phone No Email Id
1 Sri Durgalamma Gunny Trades 9848615590 sridurgalamma.gunnytraders@gmail.com

2 Sea Heights Maritime 9052222787 seaheightsmaritime@gmail.com

3 Jagadeswari Services 9393787666 jagadishwariservices@yahoo.com

4 Sri Sai Oil Field Equipment & Marine Services 9848162164 ssoilfield@yahoo.co.in

5 Kanoo Logistics 9849499998 kanoologistics45@gmail.com

6 Jyothi Marine 9912647777 jyothimarine@gmail.com

7 Antique Logistics 9063536999 antiquelogisticskkd@gmail.com
8 Cisco Marine Services 9493466858 ciscomarines@gmail.com

9 J.B Shipping and Marine Services 9666461033 jbmarinekkd@gmail.com

10 Anjna offshore Marine Services 9912160630 aoms.kkd@gmail.com

11 S V Logistics 9848164797 sv.logistics2@gmail.com

12 Kantha Marine 9849755747 kantha.mkkd@gmail.com

13 AVR Enterprises 9966497317 avrent696@gmail.com

14 LB Ship Chandlers 9177916939 ib6939shankar@gmail.com

15 Sri Balaji Marine Services 9247320126 sribalajimarine99@gmail.com